MINI Celebrates 10 Years in the U.S.

There are owners of MINI’s, and then there are MINI owners. MINI owners love their cars, live life to the fullest, aren’t just happy with the mundane. Nope, they grab life by the horns and go for it. And it’s been my experience they tend to be artsy fartsy, appreciate design and form, and aren’t boring people but people with character and flare.

In honor of MINI’s 10th year in the States, MINI of Ontario would like to share some stories from MINI Owners about their most memorable MINI events.   You will see for yourself how the MINI Owner really is.

“I would have to say it was SCMM’s “Devil’s Backbone II” in 2011. The drive, the scenery and having Dennis sing us Irish folk songs….too much fun! But really, any event in a MINI is tops! Motor On!”

“My most memorable day for me was getting the keys in my hand and driving it off the dealership when I bought it.”

“I really liked SCMM Drive in movie night. Everybody was so nice, and friendly. I was just so shocked at how friendly everybody was, how everybody packed up all kinds of food and goodies and just pulled it all out and invited everybody to come on over. And I loved the Mini for kids poker run to Big Bear the first time, in my (he he) Honda chasing all the Minis. My hubby really enjoyed this year’s Mini for kids and is planning on us all coming as a family to it. I just can’t have a bad time with my Mini. Awesome! And MOO YOU guys are awesome!”

“Our FIRST event with SCMM was the Drive in night; we had only owned Winnie the MINI for a week or so. First, everyone gathered at your lovely dealership (where I bought these valve covers, our first ‘bling’!) and then we drove to the Drive In. We met lots of great, welcoming people, and then settled in to watch the Transformers movie. I will always remember all of the little MINIs, with their little noses pointed up toward the screen, as if they were watching it too! Congratulations on 10 years in the States, and here’s to another decade of success!”

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