Mini Maniacs serve it up spicy

For anyone who gets behind the wheel of a Mini – no matter the model – they are instantly considered part of something pretty big: the global Mini community. As many know, there are oodles of Mini clubs all over the world, and for southern California, the Mini Maniacs proudly represent everyone in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas who absolutely can’t get enough of what it means to drive a Mini.

Being a member of the Mini Maniacs comes with a lot of perks. The group puts out a monthly newsletter full of highlights and happenings for the Mini community. And believe it or not, eating chili just happens to be one of those perks, as well.

Yes, it’s true, the Mini Maniacs’ annual Chili Cook-Off and Salsa Competition is right around the corner, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 27. It gives Mini drivers the chance to show off their culinary skills and mingle with other like-minded individuals.

“The cook-off has been a club favorite since 2007, offering members a fun and relaxing afternoon, a twisty driving run, and some of the best chili and salsa you’ve ever tasted,” explain the editors of the October Mini Maniacs newsletter. “This year’s Chili Cook-Off & Salsa Competition is sure to heat up following the announcement that extra money is going into the prize pool.”

To learn more about the cook-off or to simply learn about membership with the Mini Maniacs, head to the group’s website. And to learn about the cars that bring those individuals together, head to Mini of Ontario. Although we might not have a bowl of chili waiting for you, we’re sure we can whip up a cup of coffee at the very least. So stop by!

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