Mini’s Paceman and its 5 standout qualities

The Mini Paceman serves as the world’s first sports activity coupé in the premium small and compact vehicle segment, and Mini takes that status quite seriously. As the benchmark for sporty style, it exhibits unmatched design from the inside out. Safety and engineering also make this seventh model in the brand family a hallmark for peace of mind when getting from point A to point B.

According to a recent press release from the BMW Group, the following five elements are what make the Paceman a must-have vehicle when maneuvering through the urban jungle.

  1. Design: powerful stature, sporty and elegant coupé lines.
  2. Interior: exclusive ambience, impressive variability.
  3. The drivetrain: powerful engines, optional ALL4 all-wheel-drive system.
  4. The chassis: a new take on the go-kart feeling.
  5. Safety: Comprehensive equipment and high-quality comfort-enhancing features.

To get the details on each of these aspects of the Paceman, stop by the Mini of Ontario dealership. We’d be happy to give you the rundown.

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